Aftermarket Policy

No aftermarket body parts*, ever.

Unless you request aftermarket parts.

Q. Why we take this position?
A. As a multi-line new vehicle dealer we have simply elected to support the OE parts supplied by the automotive manufacturers. Our goal is to repair your vehicle correctly and return it to you as quickly as possible.
Q. What if my insurance company is paying for aftermarket body parts?
A. Most insurance companies do specify aftermarket body parts on the estimate. We simply substitute those items for OE parts when we order the parts we need for your repair.
Q. Don’t aftermarket body parts cost less than OE?
A. Yes they do.
Q. Are you compromising my repair quality?
A. No we are not short-cutting your repairs, nor are we using cheap materials. In fact our repairs are warranted for as long as you own your vehicle.
Q. How can you afford to do this?
A. We can afford to do this because we are saving time. The time savings allows us to complete more repairs in the same amount of time.
Q. Is this OK with my insurance company?
A. Yes, in most circumstances we have saved your insurance company time working with us on your repair. They know that this is a standard practice at Smail Collision Center and it is our choice to offer you the OE part as a customer service.
Q. Do I have to pay the price difference?
A. No, you will not be charged anything for the OE part or parts.
Q. Will this increase my insurance premiums?
A. No, we do not charge your insurance company additional for these parts. The dollar amount of your claim is unchanged. Your claim may affect your rates but us using OE body parts has no affect on this.
Q. This sounds too good to be true, there must be a catch
A. Only one, often times the insurance company will offer a limited lifetime warranty on aftermarket parts. If we substitute an OE part for the specified aftermarket part your part warranty will be limited to the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This is typically 12 months and 12,000 miles.

*This applies only to body parts. Mechanical parts, based on availability are used on a regular basis.

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